Bows Before Bros: A Magical Bachelorette

For my bachelorette party, I chose Orlando/Disney World. It is a place that I have been going since I was 5 years old. This bachelorette trip marks my 15th time to Disney World and I have to say: it was one of the best trips. I was lucky enough to be joined with 9 of my closest friends and we had such an awesome time.

We rented a 5 bedroom vacation house – which I highly recommend because this allowed us to be together but also away from other tourists, hang by the pool, cook at our leisure, and get ready in decent time since we had plenty of bathroom space. We visited Disney Boardwalk, Disney Springs, City Walk Universal, and then finished off the weekend at the 2016 Food & Wine Festival at Epcot Disney World.

My sister did an amazing job incorporating the Disney theme into the trip. Her hostess gifts were on point and she even had customized geo-tag Snapchat Filters that surprised us throughout the weekend. We spent one night in at the house, having a lingerie shower,  pajama and pizza party. #slumberparty

Here are some pictures from the weekend!


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