How To Propose To Your Bridal Party



Once you are engaged your head will start racing about who to pick for your bridal party. There are many things to consider but in the end, we made decisions based on what made sense to us. Here is some advice we would offer to others in the process of selecting their bridesmaids and groomsmen:

  • Take your time: We got engaged in December but didn’t ask our bridal party until April because we wanted time to be able to figure out the details like how many people are we including, what do we want to do for them, and how do we want to ask them.
  • Don’t feel obligated: Just because you were once close to someone does not mean that you need to include them now. Only do it if you will be happy seeing this person in your pictures years from now.
  • Ask yourself, “does this person support my marriage?”: The people standing besides you are in essence saying that they approve of this union, so you don’t want anyone that may not agree up there with you. Seems like a no-brainer, but hey, you would be surprised.
  • Forget about the rules: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have matching number of groomsmen and bridesmaids, or if you select a guy to be your bridesman or man of honor. What matters is that you are doing what seems right to YOU.
  • Choose friends that are caring and loyal: As your big day approaches, you will be stressed and want to surround yourself with those friends who can take the stress off of you, make you smile, and cheer you on.


How We Popped The Question:

Anuj and I had two priorities when putting together our bridal ask gifts: creative & useful. Neither of us are good at the speeches or public display of affections, so we wanted our bridal ask to reflect the way we feel about our friends. We also wanted to provide them with something that they can eventually use, not just something that they would stash away on a shelf or worse, under the bed. Perhaps the best part about this process was personalizing our ask cards on an awesome website that my sister introduced me to where you can personalize literally everything. Look out for a blog post in the near future of how we are using the site to “dazzle with Zazzle”.

We chose to limit our bridal party to 16 people, 8 on each side. For the ladies, I opted to go with a two of my favorite brands: Kate Spade & Vera Bradley. I love the simplicity yet vibrant look that both bring to their accessories, so I picked a Kate Spade card wallet, a personalized Kate Spade mug with the bridesmaid’s first initial, and hair ties from Vera Bradley.

Since we are both from Georgia and can’t imagine living anywhere else, it was important to us to incorporate our wonderful state. We also included canvas tote bags, personalized with our wedding date and location, for both our bridesmaids and groomsmen. { of course, those were customized on Zazzle as well! }







For the boys, we wanted to create a classic and formal look, so we went with a suit and tie theme. We hand-selected bowties, matching socks and handkerchiefs from Jos. A Bank  and topped each gift box with Godiva Chocolate Cigars.


In South Asian culture, it is traditional to offer food and drink to anyone that visits your home. Since it was a sweet celebration, we wanted to make sure everyone left with their sweet tooth well satisfied! We sent out an invite a week prior, “Champagne & Cupcakes”, and kept it very ambiguous. When our guests arrived, we had of course had some bubbly, some cupcakes, and a few other finger foods.


As a part of our tradition, we will also be providing a sari to each bridesmaid and an indian suit to each of our groomsmen to wear for our wedding ceremony. We are honored to have our closest friends and family join us on our big day. We love each of them and can’t wait to celebrate with them!

Tell us how you proposed to your bridal party in the comments below!



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