How We Met & How He Proposed

. How We Met .


On September 13, 2013, Sumita was scrolling through Twitter searching for tickets to a local event in Atlanta. She came across a tweet that Anuj had posted the day before. He had an extra ticket to the same event and was searching for someone to join him. Sumita decided to randomly tweet Anuj, asking if he still had the ticket. While Anuj had already given the ticket away, the two sparked a conversation over their passion for sports. Before they knew it, their tweets led to emails, text messages, phone calls, and then meeting in person. This led to a beautiful friendship… and now here we are!


. The Proposal .



On December 19, 2015, Anuj embarked on very fitting “Twitter” themed proposal. The day started with Sumita’s sister dragging her out of bed for breakfast followed by a hair appointment at DryBar. After leaving with fresh and fab hair, Sumita was shocked to find a few of her closest friends were waiting outside, armed with the first clue along with instructions for the scavenger hunt.

Anuj had created his own “tweet” clues.  The tweet clues resembled an actual tweet so perfectly and they were already time stamped with the exact time she was to receive each clue throughout the day. Her sister and friends were tasked with getting Sumita to each location on time. The tweet clues always led Sumita to a meaningful location in her and Anuj’s relationship and at each new location, there was a close friend of Sumita’s waiting to greet her with a rose and the next clue. He also had a unique hashtag, “#SumitaFindAnuj”.

One of the last clues included a horse carriage ride around downtown Atlanta. The horse carriage ride ended at the W Hotel in Midtown where he had booked a room and when Sumita entered the room, she was stunned to see a beautiful dress and her shoes already laid out on the bed for her to change into. The last clue was found on here as well, which asked Sumita to take the elevator up to the helipad. After getting ready, Sumita took a very long elevator ride to the top, where Anuj, who is deathly afraid of heights, was waiting. Not only was he waiting with the ring, but he also held up a tweet sign that said “Will you marry me?”.

He had the entire day timed so that this last tweet would be at 5pm, right when the sun was setting over Atlanta. After saying yes, he led her back down to the hotel, where all of their friends were waiting with one more surprise. They had choreographed a dance to two of Sumita’s favorite artists, Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys. Anuj always refuses to dance, but he completely blew Sumita away when he joined in in the middle of one of the songs. He had learned the dance just for her! The night ended with a pre-planned and private celebratory dinner including their closest friends and family. It was magical.



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